Vertical Bunded Tanks

Atlas 3500 BVAAtlas 3500 BVA

Atlas 3500 BVA

Capacity 3500 Litres
Diameter 2120 mm /83"
Height 1810mm / 63"
Weight 198KG
Footprint 2075mm

Bunded Vertical Tank
Bund with a retention capacity of 110% of contents

Colour: Green
Material: Medium Density Polyethylene, UV Stabilised
Suitable for the storage of: Kerosene to BS2869, Diesel being compliant with the requirements of BS EN 590:2009 and BS EN 14214:2008 including up to 93% Diesel and 7% Biodiesel mix including FAME.
Not Suitable for the storage of biodiesel at concentrations of greater than 7%

Fitted with an electronic Watchman Sonic gauge and SpillStop mechanical overfill prevention valve
Automatic shut off at 95% of tank capacity

All dimensions are approximate.
Capacities shown in some cases may be "brim full" - the tank’s working capacity can be up to 10% less that this volume