Fuel Dispensing Tanks

Truck DepotTruck Depot

Capacity is 430 litres
Length is 1156mm top
980mm base
Width is 845mm
Height 870mm
Weight 50KG

Colour: Green
Material: Medium Density Polyethylene, UV Stabilised
Suitable for the storage of: Diesel & Waste Oil

430 Litre portable fuel dispensing system

Light and portable, the ADR approved Atlas Truck Depot 430 litre fuel dispensing system simply straps onto the back of a truck, enabling you to carry the diesel you need to refuel on-site
ADR Approved (International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Roads)
The Atlas Truck Depot is an UN approved IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) suitable for the transportation of diesel or biodiesel including FAME being compliant with the requirements of BS EN 590:2008 and BS EN 14214:2008 including up to 93% Diesel and 7% Biodiesel mix

Made from UV-protected medium-density polyethylene, it is both light and tough. All necessary fittings are neatly stored in the cavity under the lockable lid.

The Truck Depot carriage requirements offer flexibility in that the vehicle driver does not require ADR training, the vehicle does not need orange hazard plates and the driver does not require a TREM (Road Transport Emergency) card.
However, the driver is required under ADR regulations to carry a two kilogram fire extinguisher.

Note. Attention is drawn to this product’s user instructions, copies available from Atlas Tanks on request.

In common with other IBCs this product is required to be periodically retested and it has other use limitations. It should be stored on a bund, when not being transported on a vehicle.