Fuel Dispensing Tanks

Atlas 2500 Fuel DepotAtlas 2500 Fuel Depot

Atlas 2500FDA

Capacity: 2500 litres
Length: 2310mm/91"
Width: 1550mm/61"
Height: 1950mm/77"
Footprint: 1650mm x 1450mm

Bunded Horizontal Tank
Bund with a retention capacity of 110% of contents

Colour: Green
Material: Medium Density Polyethylene, UV Stabilised
Suitable for the storage of diesel being compliant with the requirements of BS EN 590:2009 and BS EN 14214:2008 including up to 93% Diesel and 7% Biodiesel mix including FAME.
Not Suitable for the storage or dispensing of biodiesel at concentrations of greater than 7%

Fitted with a top quality PIUSI CUBE 56 pump 230V
4m flexible hose as standard and an automatic nozzle
Mechanical flowmeter, which measures each individual fuel delivery and records the total fuel dispensed from the unit
Output of pump: 56 litres/minute
Also available: 12V, 24V, 110V and rotary hand pump

Fitted with an electronic Watchman Sonic gauge and SpillStop overfill prevention valve
Automatic shut off at 95% of tank capacity

All dimensions are approximate.
Capacities shown may be "brim full" with the working capacity being up to 10% less than this volume